Woman Offering Her Six-Bedroom Mansion As Prize In Competition

A woman is selling off her six-bedroom Georgian mansion by asking wannabe buyers to take part in a competition, with entries costing just £25 ($33).

Donna Pirie is choosing the unusual way to flog her £1.7 million ($2.2m) home, called Johnston Lodge, in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire because her two children have flown the nest. She is hoping to raise £1m ($1.3m) for Scottish-based charity The Yard, who run adventure play services for disable children.

Entrants will need to complete a Christmas-themed crossword, as well as pay a £25 entrance fee – a fiver of which goes to The Yard.

And if the chance of a £1.7m house isn’t enough to tempt you to part with your hard-earned £25, then Donna is also offering to pay all the bills – including the wages for a housekeeper and gardener – for the first year, as well as stamp duty and £2,000 ($2,600) towards legal fees.

There are also three runner up prizes of £10,000 ($13,000) cash.

Anyone else really wishing they were good at doing crosswords right now?

Credit: Cascade News

The beautifully decorated home, built in 1780, comes complete with everything a home needs, including bed linen and kitchenware, as well as loads of stuff a home doesn’t need but is pretty awesome anyway, like a snooker table and a hot tub.

There’s also tennis courts, a gym and a helicopter landing pad, of course.

Donna said: “I just thought that I have the chance to do something for charity here.

“If you get an opportunity to make a difference then it makes life worthwhile. My kids had moved out and I obviously considered selling the place but I changed my mind.

Credit: Cascade News

“I wasn’t really sure what to do. I then saw a story down in England about a man who raffled off his property.”

Donna bought the stunning home eight years ago, but thinks now is the time to downsize.

She reckons that doing it this way will mean she gets back the value of her property, and the charity benefit, too.

Donna added: “I had the idea that I could do a prize competition and also help out a charity. It’s all being done with good intentions.

The crossword, which looks dead easy, actually. Credit: Cascade News

“Once the value of the prize has been deducted from the total entries, the residual money will be given as a donation.

“£5 from every entry will be given to The Yard, while it is intended that any remaining balance will be given as private donations.

“I wanted to do it for a small charity and a Scottish-based charity so that’s why I’ve chosen The Yard. The money will go towards projects they are working on which will be fantastic.”

Donna is hoping for 150,000 entries before the competition closing date on December 1, meaning she will be able to hand at least £1 million over to The Yard.

Credit: Cascade News

If she receives fewer than 150,000 entries, she will then decide whether to reformat the competition to offer only cash as prizes, rather than her home.

The draw will be made on December 3.

To find out more or to enter, visit www.winamansionforchristmas.com

Featured Image Credit: Cascade News

by Claire Reid

Source: Ladbible

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