There’s Convincing Evidence Werewolves Have Been Terrorizing A Small Village In England For Decades

Of all the places where there have been werewolf sightings, central England seems like a strange place for there to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, and yet it just may be. Specifically, the werewolves of Cannock Chase have been frightening the bejesus out of locals for over 30 years. There have been dozens of werewolf sightings there, both day and night. In fact, paranormal experts believe that there is proof of werewolves in the woods of the Midlands region.

It isn’t just werewolves that are stalking the trees and cemeteries of Cannock Chase. The area seems to be a some kind of portal to the bizarre and a magnet for the unexplained. In addition to the Cannock Chase werewolf rumors, there are reports of UFOs and ghostly children. There was even a bizarre sighting of a what looked like a medical experiment gone wrong, a being that looked like a pig-man. Perhaps all of these creatures, including the English werewolves, are living together in the forest, but whatever is going on, central England appears to be a spooky place.

Central England Is A Hotbed Of Werewolf Activity

The West Midlands, specifically Staffordshire County, is famous for its distinctive red Tamworth pigs that are bred in the area. However, another creature is far more notorious in the area, the Werewolf. There have been dozens of sightings of the supernatural creature over the years. In fact, Staffordshire County has the most sightings of the mythical beast than any other place in all of Europe.

Sightings Started After A Local Made A Deal With The Devil

The Devil is given responsibility for a lot of evil stuff, from curses to the music of Charlie Daniels, but he may also be to blame for the werewolves of Cannock Chase, England. According to local legendeverything started getting weird in 1975. That’s when a 17-year-old boy in central England in the mid-70s took out his Ouiji board to test its powers.

He said he would trade the Devil his soul for the power to turn into a werewolf. Shortly after, a friend said that he received a phone call from the teen but could only hear odd guttural noises from him. That same young man was found dead soon after, he had killed himself using a silver knife. Silver is, of course, the only way to kill a werewolf.

Most Sightings Have Been In A Cemetery

Cemeteries are naturally spooky places. They’re filled with dead bodies, eerily quiet, and people often dress in all black when they visit them. It should come as little surprise then that the Cannock County werewolfhas been sighted several times in a cemetery. What is surprising is that the cemetery is the final resting place of thousands of German and Austrian soldiers who fought in World War I and World War II.

The Werewolf Has Left Evidence Of Its Hunting Practices

A werewolf in town is creepy enough, but the most compelling evidence for the creature is also upsetting. In addition to showing itself to many people in a cemetery devoted to thousands of dead soldiers, evidence has been found near the cemetery that gives compelling evidence of the werewolf’s existence. There have been several pets that have gone missing from homes in the area and stranger still, several mutilated animal carcasses have been found near the cemetery.

Could this be leftovers from the werewolves’ nightly hunting practices?

Cannock County’s Werewolves May Be Somewhat Evolved

Werewolves and the night go together like Dracula and blood. After all, legend has it a werewolf transitions from man to wolf when the moon is full. However, the Cannock County monster seems to be an exception to this rule. In 2007, a mailman reported to a local ghost hunting club that he had seen the creature. Stranger still, it happened while the postman was delivering the day’s mail.

The letter carrier said that at first he thought nothing of the creature believing it to be a dog. He was surprised when the animal stood up on its hind legs and ran into the woods like a person. Perhaps werewolves have evolved to exist in daylight as well now?

The Werewolf May Be The Result Of Sick Experiments, And He May Not Be The Only One

According to urban myth, after World War II, the governments of England and the United States conducted human experiments similar to the ones the Nazis had undertaken. One such experiment was crossbreeding a human with a pig and, according to the story, it worked. Except he pig-human hybrid escaped and hid in the Cannock Chase woods.

A witness saw the beast and reported that it was seven feet tall and had the head of a pig including a giant snout. If a pig-man was created, couldn’t it stand to reason a wolf-man was also created in these bizarre experiments?

The Area Is Also Home To UFO Activity

Cannock Chase isn’t just home to werewolf sightings. The area has all kinds of supernatural activity. In the late 1980’s and early ’90s the sky was inexplicably dotted with lights that many thought were UFOs. A police officer even reported seeing an object doing seemingly impossible things in the sky before disappearing.

With both UFO and werewolf sightings in abundance, one has to wonder if there’s a correlation. Perhaps an alien being taking on the form of local lore? It might explain the daytime sightings.

Werewolves Aren’t Even The Most Bizarre Theory For The Area Sightings

Ouija boards, UFOs, werewolves? It’s seems far-fetched so many supernatural things could be happening in one area. At least one scientific-minded local agrees and has a theory to at least explain the possible werewolves. This “paranormal expert” claims the werewolf isn’t a werewolf at all. Instead the creature could be a “subterranean stone-age throwback.”

Essentially this person thinks ancient cavemen could have survived for years in the mines of the area and have remained primitive, failing to evolve with the rest of humanity. What’s more, the expert claims that there are more than one of the creatures and that there is actually an entire pack of them stalking underground only coming out to eat deer, livestock, and pets.

A Black-Eyed Child Hides In The Woods Of Cannock Chase Alongside The Werewolf

While werewolves, UFOs, Pig-Men, and theoretical cavemen are frightening enough, the area where the creature has been spotted is also home to other supernatural beings. Witnesses have seen a black-eyed child in the same woods the werewolves supposedly live in. Black-eyed children are a paranormal entity that has been experienced by people the world over. It makes sense if there were to be any in England, Cannock Chase’s woods would be where they’d hide.

Ghost hunters flock to the woods to see for themselves. A few have taken audio recordings capture a girl’s voice. The Cannock Chase woods are not a place go for a pleasant stroll through the trees.

Eyewitnesses Describe The Werewolf As Huge And Terrifying

All told, there have been 35 believed sightings of a werewolf and 21 where people came forward to tell their stories firsthand. The reportsare terrifying. According to witnesses, the werewolf stands seven feet tall, is covered in hair, looks like a human/wolf hybrid, and has a snout. The fact that so many people report seeing the creature, and at different times of the day, points to the notion that there may really be something out there in the woods.

Paranormal investigators constantly monitor the news in the Midlands for more proof that the creature is real.

The Werewolf Was Captured On Video

The advent of inexpensive video cameras used for action sports has turned nearly everyone into a potential daredevil waiting for an awesome moment to go viral. Two mountain bikers in Cannock Chase got more than they bargained for. In 2009, the cyclists were recordingtheir ride. The video shows a fun day of single track shredding, but it also has an unexpected highlight.

A creature can be seen stalking in the woods for a few seconds of the film. It looks too tall to be a man and walks upright, like a large dog on its hind legs.

Source: Ranker

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