150 People Drew 10 Famous Logos: This Is What Happened

Multinational conglomerates spend million of dollars each year advertising their products and services to you, all in the hope that you associate their logo or brand with a particular item.

If you walk around any capital city for an afternoon, you will be exposed 1,000 of logos, brands and marketing messages. It’s capitalism that makes the world go round as they say.

But from all the global brands you’re exposed to on a daily or weekly basis, how many of them could you replicate from memory? If ADIDAS suddenly ceased advertising, would you be able to still draw their famous 3 strip logo from memory?

That’s precisely the challenge that was given to 150 Americans, who were tasked with drawing the top 10 most famous logos in the world. The aim was to simply measure how much of a brand’s identity resonates with the public and how memorable those brands really were.

Here’s a look at the fascinating results.





Burger King

Foot Locker






Do you think you could have done better?

Source: So Bad So Good

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