Bad Day? “Stuff On Cats” Will Have You Smiling In No Time

These really must be the most patient cats in the world. That, or they’ve outsmarted humans and knew we would be mesmerized by the “Stuff On Cats” phenomenon.

Stuff On Cats is a photo series that has cat owners around the internet testing the patience of their feline friends.

The goal here?

Stacking and photographing something on your cat that hasn’t yet been contributed to the series.

So far, our favorites include waffle crowns, paper cat helmets, pancakes, and baby ducks. Who knew cats could get any cuter? This is next level stuff.

Like what you see? Check out the r/StuffOnCats subreddit. It’s a nonstop stream of cats balancing random objects on their bodies.

Which is your favorite?

Source: So Bad So Good

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