This Product Could Help You Keep Your Foods Separate!

There’s always that moment isn’t there, plating up for teatime (yes, I’m northern so deal with the fact I’m not calling it ‘dinner’) and you’re nervous about the peas touching the mash, or the curry juices spoiling your chips and rice combo, or even the cold salad touching the hot lasagne.

Maybe you’ve formed a barrier using other food products, but the panic never really leaves you, and can make eating uncomfortable through constant nerves.

But, fear no more. There is a solution. A company called Food Cubby have designed a food separator, a plate divider, a saviour.

Credit: Food Cubby/Amazon

The suction-cupped semi-circles helps to separate your food and compartmentalise your plate.

Food Cubby’s product description says that it ‘suctions to flat, smooth plates to keep runny food from spreading’.

It adds: “It also provides an ‘edge’ to push food onto utensils for people who might need help at meal time.

“Good for special needs, elderly, vision impaired, and occupational therapy needs at meal time.”

Credit: Food Cubby/Amazon

Credit: Food Cubby/Amazon

The food divider can hold up to one-half of food within its walls to help with portion control and nutrition.

The product was initially designed by a child, with many wishing they had them during their own younger years.

One reviewer wrote: “My kids are now older but wished they had these when they were little! Still wanted them!”

Another added: “My eight-year-old nieces don’t like their food to touch. The Food Cubby allows them to create their own food compartments on their plate.”

Credit: Food Cubby/Amazon

Food Cubby’s design is made from ‘food safe silicone’ which has been Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

And, if that wasn’t enough, for those who love a good snack fest with dipping sauces, the plate can easily be divided into four parts – I’m thinking salsa, onion, jalapenos and guacamole for a lovely nacho feast.

You can thank me later.

Source: LadBible

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